Embers to Stars – Panel Sketches


Hey hey!

I uploaded three pages in one week! Yay! Since I just got involved with a new project for the next week and a half, I might not be able to upload again, until after I am done with that. I’ll try upload a bit of my drawing process in the blog in the meantime. I’ll also try to revamp the “Embers to Stars” part of the homepage. I am really not happy with how things are right now, but it will take a moment more to renew it completely. I have to rethink the structure fully to make it easy to understand. The main page is still only laid out for the early beginning…

It’s going to be a big of work…

Anyway, have some sketches from older pages. When I have time in between work, I sometimes sketch panel content for the manga. This one is quite a usual approach, just doing construction lines with blue and then sketching over it with a pencil-like photoshop brush. the brushes I use can be found here: Jazza Studio

I really love them, because for some reason, especially the pencil brush is quite precises with lines. The texture is also very neat!

However, this is my method when poses aren’t too difficult. I’ll show you my method for more difficult poses next time, even though, I feel very much like a cheater.

In any case, please check out “Embers to Stars“!