All the homepage updates and restructuring…


Happy New Year everyone!

I am so horribly late with this, but there is a reason behind this. Since I printed New Years cards last year to send to friends and family, which I did not want to spoil but still wanted to include in this post, I wanted to wait until everyone, or at least most people got their card.

Hence it is now almost the end of January.

I messed up ordering the prints and only received them at the beginning of January, too. I think I sent about 30 cards total to at least 10 different countries. It was great fun and it made me really happy when people received them and had just a little bright moment in their day because of it. ^^) I might do it again next New Years…maybe I’ll get it done on time, then. XD

Then I went back into drawing “Embers to Stars” and worked on the renewal of that section of the homepage…. and then I deleted EVERYTHING on the 12th of January. By accident. It was all done. Every custom piece of design, every custom image upload. GONE. It felt like I was preventing myself from having a terrible Friday 13th, because I preemptively ruined the day before that. So for a few days the entire homepage looked less than pretty.

But its all back now and I even managed to make it more efficient in coding, since I learned a thing of two since I first made the Coffeecat Arts homepage. So yeah, it’s all good again.


I’m getting really excited about it now, because Fraie and Elya are finally going to meet in just a few more pages!!!

So please look forward to that!! ^^)

Also, there is a GALLERY now, that has all the concept drawing, character illustrations and some sketches. There really aren’t a lot, but I will add more! For now, please enjoy!