New pages and future plans


For the last part of the first chapter for “Embers to Stars” I decided that I wanted to release the new pages as quickly as possible. However, since I don’t have a backlog of finished pages, I just have to work on it more altogether. So far it has been working, but I am getting a little tired.

The good thing is, I have quit a bit of free time right now, so I can dedicate all of that to making the new pages, however, I really do want to draw other things as well. I’m really torn and I think that bext thing to to would be just to do some analog drawings…but then there is the problem, that I REALLY, REALLY would love to rank up in Overwatch…which, as someone who does art, feels like a waste, but damn it!, I love that game!!!!! >.<)

I can’t really complain, because I do have a lot of time right now and I hope that continues until I finish the first chapter with the next 3~4 pages… After that I will take a bit of a timeout to rework some of the pages. There are just a few panels I would like to redo, while planning for the second chapter. In my head, I have the overall structure set as well. I would want to add some more character profiles, too. (That sniper still needs a color palate and an introduction. His backstory has gotten places already, though.) So there is lots to do.

The only other doodle I have done recently, is this one of Fraie and Elya, which I hope to turn into an actual piece soon!

And then there are tons of changes happening in my personal life, so that’s gonna take up some time, too. Let’s see how it all turns out! ^^)

Wish me luck and please check out the NEW PAGE!!