Finished Chapter 1 of “Embers to Stars”!!!!!!1111


It’s done!! I just finished the last page of the first chapter of “Embers to Stars”. I can’t believe it took me that long, but I have been at least OK consistent with update. The last week was a three page update, too! I am really looking forward continuing it and I have at least a rough idea, on how the next chapter will play out. There should be another prologue and interlude and I think I’ll try to keep up that pattern.

As of now, I have printed a full copy of the manga and next I’ll take a red pen to it and correct a few panels. There are some issues in the text as well, I would like to fix as well. And then it’s on to the next. While plotting the new chapter, I also want to make some more artwork and character sheets.

I actually already started on that and finished the portrait of the sniper. He’s got a bit more of an extensive role in the story…

And my Visual-kei bias is clearly showing 8D.

Also, I REALLY need to make proper character notes on major motives and plot points. He still hasn’t got a name yet, but as soon as he does (and maybe when I’ve finished a few more character portraits, like Larenne’s and the kings for example *cough*), I’ll add him to the profiles. ^^) I love him a lot already. Sometimes I find it scary how much I enjoy the characters I create…. orz

Anyway, I’m expecting the next pages to come in about two months, but there will be updates!!


PS: Updated the fanart gallery, too, with some Sombra art and a drawing I did for my friend Mokuyo!!