It’s been a month already! I’m back!!!


Damn, time really flies! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I last wrote an entry. But lots of things have happened. I visited my family in Germany, then I changed jobs and now I just finished the second week of that. Last week I wanted to really just concentrate on getting to know my new work place, the co-workers and all the new surrounding…and I just wanted to play some more Overwatch.

But I am getting into drawing again now! I haven’t done anything for “Embers to Stars” yet, but I am catching up with a bunch of unfinished drawings I have saved and just want to get out there, to. So here are two of them:

I’ll put them in the fan art gallery as well. And yes, I watched “Moana / Vaiana” on my flight to Germany and I LOVED IT!! I watched it twice on the way back (once in English once in Japanese, because I wanted to know how they translated things), and I started as soon as the plane was in the air. I am currently only listening to the OST and it’s just so wonderful.

Also, Ruki, because it’s been way too long. I’m not sure what I really had in mind when I started that picture of him, but I wanted to finish it in any case. It looks like I actually managed to get tickets for “Burst into a Blaze” and I can’t wait!!!

Further, for my new job, I have been looking at lots of different artists these days and there are just so many amazingly creative people out there, so I stumbled upon a few new drawing techniques. I wonder how I can make use of them.

In any case, from next week, I’ll be working on “Embers to Stars” again. I need to start with actually correcting the pages and such. I’ll post updates on that! ^^;) I hope.

So look forward to that!!!!

Oh, I did draw a new image of Elya and Fraie before I left!

You’ll find that in the “E2S” gallery HERE!