Hey! I’m still alive!!


Look at that, it’s been two months already since the last update. Time really flies and I don’t know where. Admittedly September was my birthday months and lots of things happened along the way. I tried to keep updates on the comic as consistent as possible, but that was about all I got to. I did a few tiny doodles on my new tablet, which is wonderful…though I had to buy it twice, since the first one has a little damage on the screen.


It’s a Raytrektab, which is only 8 inches, but I wanted something that I could take with me, to do more drawing, and I sure as hell can’t afford a Mobile Studio Pro yet…that’ll be my future workstation anyway, so nothing to carry around… ONE DAY!!!!

For now I am quite happy with the little tablet. It’s got 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and it’s got Windows Home installed, so I can just draw with CLIP STUDIO.

This is my first full drawing with outlines and color. It’s still very rough and sketchy, but that’s fine. I just had to draw Mercy, because she is my main and I love her costume so much. Haden’t drawn her in ages either.

This next one is the full version:

I actually like how this one turned out. I did my first Instagram livestream with it and I might do that more in the future. Gotta work a little on my set-up though.

Anyway, I added the first page to the main part of chapter 2 for “Embers to Stars”. It’s right here!! The city scape took a while again, but I’m almost OK with it. There are a lot of things that pop up in my mind right now, as I think about how to progress with the story and stuff starts  to make sense gradually…

Anyway, sorry for the long wait again.

I’ll try to be better! ^^)


PS: No Inktober this year. I want to use my tablet more!