Sketch dump!!!


As I may have mentioned before, I’ve gotten myself an 8 inch tablet to draw on and I keep mentioning it, because I love it! I can just doodle on and on.


For sketching and really just doodling I use mostly the free version of Sketchbook, because it’s fast and just has a minimal amount of buttons. I tend to stick with the same color right now, because it’s pretty!



I’m not completely sure why the directional info of the photos is gone, but I’m updating from the phone. I might fix this later.


In either case, i just enjoy doing this right now.


I do have CLIP STUDIO PRO on the tablet and it works great, except for that I don’t have a key board so no shortcuts. Every undo  is a right hand gesture. So workflow wise that’s not ideal. But I might just get a small keyboard and then eventually a TABMATE.

Here is the drawing I finished last night:


I’ll update the EtS gallery with the sketches and the fanart galley eventually!

i promise!!!!