Gotta make some update…


I’ve actually been drawing quite a bit during January, but it was mostly spontaneous illustration and unfortunately not any pages of Embers to Stars…which is really sad, but I enjoy this right now.

I’ve drawn Dawn, though. ^^)

I know, this has been in the gallery for a while, but I thought I should mention it.

Then I also drew my favourite musician…

I’m not completely sure what came over me, to try this, but I just felt like drawing Ruki this time.The problem is, that I used an Instagram picture with no shadows or nuances and I had to amplify these, which makes it look a little weird.

But since I haven’t drawn any portraits in forever, I’m almost OK with it.

And then, I finally, FINALLY finished the main story of Watch_Dogs 2. I bought the game when it came out after Final Fantasy XV had been delayed and it too me until now to finish it. At first I thought it was so cringe, with its cheesy dialogues (which I thought might make a comeback, as they were so prevalent in the first game). However, I really came to like all of the characters, the dialogue isn’t half as weird as I remembered, and I am pretty sure, conversations between me and the bf sound pretty much the same to outsiders.

My fav is Wrench for some unknown reason, so I had to do some fanart…

This picture took way too long, mostly because of all the spikes and studs and stuff. For the studs on the vest, I actually made a brush in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, just so they would be consistent. But in the end, I still drew most of it by hand.

I drew most on the image at work. I’ve been hurrying with lunch recently, just so I can get like 30~40 minutes to draw. The ripped pants are opposite of what they should be, because I flipped the image when I drew them and I didn’t care enough to fix it. Also, yes, I forgot to properly color the wristband on the left arm….

Anyway, LOVE the game and I really hope there will be Watch_Dogs. That would be awesome. ^^)

Favorite quote:

Marcus: What is every gaming site’s biggest desire?

Josh: To be seen as real “Journalism”.

Delicious burn.

OK. Let’s see how things go from now on. The first few weeks were crazy busy, but maybe it’s going to get a bit better now…

Until next time. ^^)