First new art 2019


I started both these pieces last year and had hoped to finish them sooner, but now that I had a few days of vacation, I was at least able to finish them.

The first one:

This is my New Years card for 2019. I wanted to try to draw an iteration of Elya for this, but I have intentionally changed some of her key features. I also wanted to draw a lot of small details in terms of lace and ribbons and all. It took quite a while, but it was also very soothing.


The second one:

And next is Skye. I haven’t event shared any if the other illustrations yet, that I have done in this style…why not?

Dunno, will do it when I’m done I guess. Skye always looks older when I just draw him by himself, as compared to when I draw him in the manga….


Anyway, so much for starting the new year with some art! Hope you kike it!!!!