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Look at that, it’s been two months already since the last update. Time really flies and I don’t know where. Admittedly September was my birthday months and lots of things happened along the way. I tried to keep updates on the comic as consistent as possible, but that was about all I got to. I […]


I actually managed to update a page last week on Friday, which will always be my goal, but sometimes it might just be too busy a time…also I’m still playing Horizon:Zero Dawn and I need to finish that before the DLC comes out. The week prior I didn’t manage to update, since I was drawing […]


I only meant to take a break from “Embers to Stars” for about two months, but it’s gotten a bit more than that. I have worked to make the existing pages better and I just need to resize and upload them. Everything has been corrected…or so. The new cover is also out!! For some reason […]


Last week I spend a lot of time on drawing Elya, Fraie and Dawn, just because I wanted to and I just wanted to put them in some sexy clothes. So I did. I want to make individual card-like images with these pictures, put some flowers in the background and stuff, but I’m not good […]