Welcome to CoffeeCat Arts!

I’m CoffeeCat and this is my very personal homepage, with all the things I like to draw when I got the time to! You will find mostly fan art and my personal project “Embers to Stars” on this site. I’m glad you found your way here!

Anyway, here are a tiny few things about me:

★ Sometimes I “art”
★ Software: CSP, PS, AI, Sketchbook (free version), sometimes Blender…
★ Hardware: MacBook Pro (13″ Retina), Wacom Intuos Pro (small), Raytrektab
★ Camera: Nikkon
★ I do like cats and coffee.
★ I find internet culture intriguing and everything I learn, I learn from YouTube.
★ Twitter and YouTube are my news feed, since I don’t watch TV.
★ My favorite color is dark red.
★ Music brought me to Japan.
★ Favorite fruit: raspberries.
★ Certainly pretty mediocre. 8D

You can follow me on social media via the links below and have a chat! Or leave a message in the guestbook!!