Welcome to coffeecat arts!

My name is Joana and a while back my web space, that’s been laying bare for over a year now, has been growling at me, to finally make use of it and design and code this homepage. So here it is! Still very much under construction, as you might have guessed.

Anyway, here are a tiny few things about me:

★ I’m German, but I live in Tokyo.
★ I pretend to be a web designer by day and an “artist” by night.
★ I do like cats and coffee.
★ I find internet culture intriguing and everything I learn, I learn from YouTube.
★ Twitter  and YouTube are my news feed, since I don’t watch TV.
★ I like media that’s inspiring.
★ My favorite color is dark red.
★ Music brought me to Japan.
★ Favorite fruit: raspberries.
★ Certainly pretty mediocre. 8D

You can follow me on social media via the links below and have a chat! Or leave a message in the guestbook!!