I enjoy drawing fanart of my favourite characters from games and manga, and this is a collection of some of my works. I consider most of my drawings “doodles” and “practice”, because I feel that improving any piece could just go on forever.

In 2011 I bought myself a camera and started to learn more about photography. Since then I have professionally hate pictures at concerts, but I also enjoy just talking my Nikon with me when walking around Tokyo for some lucky shots!

“Embers to Stars” is my passion project. It is a fantasy web comic that follows the two girls Elya and Fraie on their journey. It is held in black and white, based on the Japanese manga design.

My Instagram is mainly posts of work in progress and things that I encounter in my daily life. I’m not a super frequent updater, but if I find something cute, it will definitely show up on my account. Since my Instagram is directly linked to my Twitter account @CoffeeCat_J you could also follow that, if you feel like it, or maybe if you don’t have Instagram. [Image links will open in a new window!]