"Embers to Stars" is a web comic about two girls, Elya and Fraie, who find themselves on a journey together, while they couldn't be any more different in character. After a series of events at Elya's coronation ceremony - following the untimely death of the kingdom's monarch - Fraie decides to join the princess to find the truth behind those happenings. On the run from authorities, they travel the land and come across different various culture, bringing them ever closer to a much greater mystery.
Forced to leave behind what both girls thought to be a secure home, they find more within themselves and within each other...


Fraie Audra

Fraie is a girl from small desert town, that mines crystal dust. She is bored with her job and skips work regularly. She lives with her older brother, who has to talk reason into her just as regularly. Fraie feels that somewhere out in the world, adventure is waiting for her and when her sister, who lives in the capital of Mea Amarii sends her an air-ship ticket to attend the coronation of the kingdoms’s new queen, she sees an opportunity to escape her mundane life at least for a while.

While her siblings long since have lost hope, Fraie still believes that she will find her parents one day, if she only got a chance to look for them. Maybe that time has finally arrived…

Age: 20

Race: Sunari

Siblings: Older brother (Reon), older sister (Larenne)

Eye-color: Brown

Likes: Adventures, her family, frilly dresses

Dislikes: Work



Elya-Celes dei Amarii

After the unexpected death of her father, Elya-Celes is the sole remaining member of the royal family and has to ascend the throne of her kingdom at the early age of 19. Having been taught about her duties since early in her childhood, she is determined to make her late mother and father proud as the new queen of Mea Amarii.

However, a rebellion is brooding in the underground, as rumors have made the rounds, that the princess is unable to summon the patron saint of her kingdom…

Age: 19

Race: Amarien

Siblings: none

Eye-color: Dark blue

Likes: Reading, writing, keeping things in order

Dislikes: skirts




Damn, it’s been three weeks again… 2018/10/05

I really can’t seem to muster up any consistency. It’s been three weeks again and while I have ¬†been uploading pages every week, I feel like there is not much content I have produced otherwise. Like the only piece of actually coloured art is my fan art of Mikey MegaMega‘s OC Danny Elfmen… Couldn’t participate […]

Where to add videos? 2018/09/16

I’ve been thinking about adding videos to the site in a type of gallery, but I am still contemplating how to go about it. (I still also need a Twitch banner for the top…..). Until now I have only ever been adding videos in posts, which is fine I guess since I am not really […]

Working on multiple pages…. 2018/09/14

After a week of break, because it was my birthday, I was able to update today. And it wasn’t really a break either! While I didn’t add a new page last week, since I wanted to think about designs a little, I was still working on future pages…just not in order. I feel like I […]

This is getting longer than I though…. 2018/08/31

So! There is a new page! And as it were, there will be no new page next week, since it’s my birthday and I need to do lots of things and won’t be home for a few evenings or have to get up really early for work related things…BUT! I did start on the new […]

A little bit about Liora… 2018/08/16

I was finally able to add some more pages as well as Liora’s profile page. She was meant to be a very temporary character, but she is just becoming more important….I LOVE HER! As of now I know a few things about her, but not much of her backstory, so I’ll have to think about […]


Here you find the artwork for "Embers to Stars"