Dusq Ya-Laeh

Dusq has been part of the royal personnel from a very young age and has been Elya’s chambermaid from the princess’s childhood on. Since then, Dusq has become an important part in Elya’s life and a valuable consultant and friend – always by her side. With the right advice and a good understanding of royal politics, Dusq  is leading the princess on her way to becoming queen.

When Elya is in the state of summoning the Goddess, Dusq needs to be by her side, as in case that the Goddess rejects the princesses call, it causes her great pain, and only Dusq is able to free the princess from her torment.

Age: 23

Race: Lah-Niery

Siblings: Twin (Dawn)

Eye-color: Brown

Likes: Elya, baths, sented oils

Dislikes: bugs