Reon Audra

Reon is Fraie’s older brother and ever since their parents disappeared, he is taking care of his little sister. Like Fraie, he works at the factory that is processing the crystal dust from the mines, but he is taking his job a lot more seriously and often covers for Fraie, when she is out on her own again. He would very much like to see Fraie take her work more seriously, but he also admires her wild spirit.
So whenever Fraie is misbehaving, he has a hard time being mad at her for long…

Reon is a rather gentle soul, who is well respected in his town, as he has been providing for himself and Fraie since a very young age, sometimes at the expense of his own wishes. He does not believe that their parents are still alive, but does not like to discourage Fraie from believing in the possibility.

Age: 24

Race: Sunari

Siblings: Younger sisterĀ (Fraie), older sister (Larenne)

Eye-color: brown

Likes: Driving, Fraie, Sundra

Dislikes: Unpunctual people