Gallery Update, 200+ Subscribers on Tapas!!!


I don’t know how many more times I can say “sorry for the infrequent updates”.

Last week was over in no time and not much drawing was done. A little bit, but not much. At least I got to try a few different time-slots for streaming on Monday, but it didn’t really change much. Japan is just bad in terms of time zones.

BUT! You can still follow me on !!

Next, the feature of Embers to Stars on has really boosted my subscriber count over the past few weeks and it makes me really happy. I have gotten some lovely comments, which make me even happier, because people like the characters I create. T_____T)

Very happy!

Also, I finally updated the gallery with some more recent portraits and stuff. They are all unorganised and incomplete in terms of characters, but hey, at least there are more images now.


I really enjoy doing cel shading for messy outlines these days. It’s just soothing and it gets stuff done quickly. I do want to go back to painting again soon, though.

Dusq & Elya

Vien & Dawn

Reon & Fraie

Liora and Skye are currently not featured in this style, because they took on a life of their own again in this shape…

Unbelievable! But I just love it when the are “nice” to each other. I was also developing the lore for the overall story and ended up changing their future. I just love them too much to proceed with what I had originally planned, but with the changes, I think their roles also become a lot more meaningful…at least I hope.


Anyway…I should update more often…I really should.

Read you soon!