Hopefully getting back on track


I went to Germany for a while and while I absolutely can’t deal with travelling so many hours on the road and on the plane anymore, it’s always good to see family and friends.

After moving, it was kind of extra exhausting, but now I am back and don’t have any plans for travelling for a while. I finally updated the gallery, both for fanart and Embers to Stars, so please have a look. Recently I have only been sharing things on Instagram…also mostly because I hadn’t set up any of the homepage access on the desktop computer.

These are two of my favorite illustrations. I started with the Dawn one, because I have finally been able to thoroughly establish her role in the story. And then Elya just seemed like a cute idea as well. I like doing series, but the problem is, that I never finish them, because I get bored…see all the other ones I have started.


Anyway, I am working on the re-drawing of Chapter 2 (they are up on Tapas first this time…) and I still have to update the pages, while I also still actually need to finish the chapter as it is. I am working on all of that, as well as on episode 2 of Honey Shot Twist…just so many projects…

Now that I am back and the year is nearing the end, I hope I can get things finished.

I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon!