Finally starting Chapter 02:2!


Am I actually updating more? Well, Facebook thinks I don’t even though I clearly do! But let’s not get ahead of ourself, because who knows how long it’s gonna last.

In January I started drawing the first new page of Chapter 02:2 … and then I got distracted and drew a whole bonus chapter on the side. But there was one scene which just really made things difficult for me. The establishing shot was just something I had an idea about, but really didn’t know how to create. And then, @invaderxan who I follow on Instagram posted this photo of a subway station and it was all I needed.

My interpretation is not half as great, but it helped out so much!!

The original image is here!

It helped so much creating this scene and I am very grateful that I was allowed to use the image. (I did ask!)

So please check out their Instagram. The photos always have such a hint of magic to them!

Also, new chapter page here!

Time for bed! Good night!

PS: I started using my Luna (FFXV) journal for Embers to Stars notes…things are developing!