New character: Dawn


Yesterday I was finally able to ad a new page to “Embers to Stars” and with that, I also introduced my new character Dawn Ya-Laeh. I created her very early this year and finally she made an appearance. She is very important to the story and I am looking forward to developing her character and see where she is going to take the story.

I really loved her the moment I made her first design.
This is a drawing I did in January 2016 and I absolutely adored it for a long time:


It was at that time that I decided for her and Dusq to have dark hands (and feet 😉 ). This was just a test, so the coloring still reached up a lot further than what it is now.

The next character to be introduced should be General Vien, who at least by his name has made an appearance.

I’ll keep you posted, although my updates are a bit messy. Still doing #InkTober, because it’s fun and a challenge, that I should definitely try to fullfil… though I started late and I skipped two days already. I’ll have to make up for those in November, I guess.

Wish me luck!

I also still want to go back to making videos again… *le sigh*.