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I really can’t seem to muster up any consistency. It’s been three weeks again and while I have  been uploading pages every week, I feel like there is not much content I have produced otherwise. Like the only piece of actually coloured art is my fan art of Mikey MegaMega‘s OC Danny Elfmen… Couldn’t participate […]


I’ve been thinking about adding videos to the site in a type of gallery, but I am still contemplating how to go about it. (I still also need a Twitch banner for the top…..). Until now I have only ever been adding videos in posts, which is fine I guess since I am not really […]


After a week of break, because it was my birthday, I was able to update today. And it wasn’t really a break either! While I didn’t add a new page last week, since I wanted to think about designs a little, I was still working on future pages…just not in order. I feel like I […]


So! There is a new page! And as it were, there will be no new page next week, since it’s my birthday and I need to do lots of things and won’t be home for a few evenings or have to get up really early for work related things…BUT! I did start on the new […]