How does this always happen…?


It’s been more than a months ago and I really don’t know where November went. Was it me playing FFXV the second time? Was it work. I just don’t know. I feel like I can’t catch up with life right now. I’m constantly tired and cold. My job is fun and I enjoy the experiences I get from it…so on that end I am very happy with how things are.

And yet, while I’m happy working, happy meeting friends, I miss drawing. I feel I have drawn so much less than last year, which is totally true, because I can no longer use work time to draw. There are some rare occasions, very rare occasions, but most of the time I’m busy and productive at work in the way that I should be to get paid.

I do miss drawing though….

Well, I have a few more sketches today…I hope there will be more.

I don’t even feel like printing New Years cards this year, but I’m sure I’ll regret it. Maybe I should just make something else…I still wanted to make acrylic stands, but I hate the way I draw chibis so that’s out of question…


PS: Why are these so small?

Why does this never work as planned? Might update them later…