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I went to Germany for a while and while I absolutely can’t deal with travelling so many hours on the road and on the plane anymore, it’s always good to see family and friends. After moving, it was kind of extra exhausting, but now I am back and don’t have any plans for travelling for […]


Hmmm…I really don’t know what to write. There are lots of things on my mind, but I feel they are all not that important. So at least have a little drawing I did recently… I just wanted to make something fun and pastel cooler, so this is what I ended up with. I actually wanted […]


I’m wishing you a happy New Year and hope you make it a good one! I don’t have any really hard-set specific goals (except for moving to a new apartment later in the year), but I do want try and get “Embers to Stars” out on a new platform, maybe Webtoon or Tapastic, but I […]


I wanted to do some fanart, so this came up randomly. Just trying out things with lighting…   I really like the idea of the K/DA video. The animations and character designs are awesome. Just looking at the video is so satisfying. The colors are great and the movement of the characters is so smooth. […]