So I made a store…


I’ve been thinking about opening a print store and so I just registered for and added some images. Not much yet, but I do usually have trouble finding things that I think are worse uploading.


I also added this little one ↓↓↓↓ with two images from “Embers to Stars”:

However, I’m having some trouble finding some of my original images, since I need to color convert them to CMYK and such. Hopefully I’ll find at least one other one I want to add.

Oh, and just to me clear, the basic markup is 20%, but I lowered it since I don’t really care about earning from this. It’s more about making it available, if anyone is interested. That’s all. The stuff is expensive enough as it is, so…

I might actually order some myself XD

Anyway, that’s all for this time. ^^)