It’s been so long again!!!!


It’s been a month since my vacation to Germany and I finally updated and finished the first part of chapter 2 for “Embers to Stars

I also updated the gallery with a tiny two pieces…I feel like I lost some of the drawings I did recently. orz Also, I don’t really want to add any of the fan art I did recently, because it’s not very good…I’ll leave it here.


I drew Aranea on the plane in like an hour and a half, although I had like 11 hours time…

Drawing never works for me on the plane. Meh…

I just wanted to try faces and both of them were black and white with added color at a later state. Not really happy with it, but for some doodles, that’d just OK.

Anyway, work is still busy, but I try to whenever I can. I also got a new tablet, which I kinda want to talk about. Because after long years of wanting to have a proper screen tablet, I actually got a MobileStudio Pro…and it’s got its little weird behavioural glitches, but drawing is a dream on it.

Either way…