Spider-Man, Black Cat, Spider-Man…


I finally finished Spider-Man, 100%-ed it just the day before the Black Cat DLC came out (last week?), even. I could talk about that game soon much! I love everything about it: story, characters (damn they are all so adorable and lovable, especially Peter), music and just EVERYTHING!!!

Even started NG+ and can’t wait for the other two DLCs to come out!! The performance of all the actors was wonderful, the graphics are stunning, the swinging is fun, the battle system is something even I was able to master by the end and completing all side quests didn’t feel like an unfair grind.

I died many times, especially in the beginning, but eventually I got around to it. It was very much an approach with no gadgets, because I found combat with environmental objects quite a bit more fun!

Anyway, I drew the Black Cat (traditional gear interpretation), who is also a lovely character and her’s and Spider-Man’s interactions were wonderful! I ship it! Even more so than Peter and MJ, even though those two are so damn cute together as well!

I did draw Spider-Man before, but that never got anywhere. I’m having a few of those moments these days when drawing… not cool.

But I finished this one, so, YAY!

I hope you like it! ^^)