Drawing my pretty babes!!!


Last week I spend a lot of time on drawing Elya, Fraie and Dawn, just because I wanted to and I just wanted to put them in some sexy clothes. So I did.

I want to make individual card-like images with these pictures, put some flowers in the background and stuff, but I’m not good with drawing deco.

Also, I want to do the same thing with the other characters, because I think it’s just fun to do so. I’m not quite sure, if I should go with the sniper (does he have a name yet???) or Reon, but I guess I have to do it with everyone….I want to, too. ^^)


Let’s see where that goes, but for now I will concentrate to finish one important artwork and finally the rework of the “Embers to Stars” pages, because I’m so slow and I still haven’t done much… T____T)

For now, I hope you enjoy my girls. ^^)