July already…”Embers to Stars”


I only meant to take a break from “Embers to Stars” for about two months, but it’s gotten a bit more than that. I have worked to make the existing pages better and I just need to resize and upload them. Everything has been corrected…or so.

The new cover is also out!!

For some reason I really had a hard time with Fraie’s face. It just didn’t look the way I wanted it to. I also originally had intended to put Poca in it, but I just forgot. orz

Now I hope that I can get back to drawing the pages regularly, though I might not be as fast as I used to be unless I get a lot faster at drawing altogether. Since I don’t have as much time at work anymore. I’ll try though!

However, there are a lot of other things I also want to try doing. Like 360-degree drawing and I still have a drawing that’s been sitting untouched for months…. >.>) The year is going by so fast.


Anyway, there should be a bigger update on the “Embers to Stars” page soon, to accommodate the second chapter.

I think that’s all.