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I actually managed to update a page last week on Friday, which will always be my goal, but sometimes it might just be too busy a time…also I’m still playing Horizon:Zero Dawn and I need to finish that before the DLC comes out.

The week prior I didn’t manage to update, since I was drawing this:

It wasn’t that long of a process, but I also re-arranged the “Embers to Stars” main page to fit the two chapter layout better. I also did quite a bit of overtime on the job, so I had just less time in general…or was that last week? I’m getting confused.

Anyway, the new page is HERE!

It’s the first time I had Elya address Dusq with her pronouns and my friend Mokuyo immediately caught onto that. I’ve been avoiding to actually address her in any way possible, because it is not quite supposed to be clear. It’s not a super outrageous thing or anything, it’s just a bit of Dusq’s backstory showing…

Speaking of backstory, since it is still going to take a while until I’ll be able to bring all these things in my head into the story, I will create a few illustrations for each character (current and future) about their past memories. The first one is Skye (oh yeah, added his profile, too!) The events from July 20th kinda set my mind off to think about a lot of things, and in the end, this image was so strong in my head, that it kept me up until 3am one night, just thinking about it and then until 1:30am, just so I could finish the outlines. It’s been a long time since an image came to me this easily.

And with this image came Skye’s backstory, why he became the person he currently is in the story, because I want everyone to be relatable. I don’t know if I could write someone who is just evil. I want everyone to have strong motives for what they are doing. Skye and his wife “Yome” turned into quite the typical Visual-kei couple, but not really on purpose. It’s just that one thing lead to another. lol

If he looks a lot younger in the picture than in his profile, that’s because he is. This memory is from 5 years prior to the current events. He was only 17 back the…

I feel I’m particularly cruel to both of them, but if you become a sniper with a mission to assassinate the heir to the throne of the kingdom, something must have gotten you there… but from the very beginning, I wanted Skye to be very charismatic and I want people to feel for him, too….

So that’s that. I should probably write all of this down in the profiles I started making (for myself). I have a timeline of past events, too, but obviously, I can’t show these, because SPOILERS!!!

Anyway, I hope you like the image. I’ll add it to his profile in a while.