More videos!


This week’s stream was really late, but I did do an hour and like 40 minutes or so. I’m currently working on two coloured pieces, one of Fraie (which I’m really struggling with) and one of Vien and Dawn, which is turning out nicely.

So I coloured the one with Vien and Dawn during the stream and then also made the time-lapse. I think this is my favourite format so far. I do need to be careful with the angle of the camera though, since I didn’t catch some parts,

Looks like I do need a new tripod for the desk. Anyway, here is the video this time:

Haaaa….I love those two. Also, I really like how #D Vien’s face turned out. Everything seems to be mostly in the right place. And he is so pretty <3

I also started the new page for Embers to Stars, after the upload from last week was quite late, but I really want to get this part done and move on to the next. The Interlude will be


about Skye, this time. He f*ed up and I guess his superior isn’t very happy with him. Let’s see if he gives a sh*t or not XD I can’t wait to introduce him more.


I should go to bed earlier today, though, so good night!