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So the other day, I did my first stream on Facebook and I guess it was OK. The link is here: I still very much love the tablet and I wanted to try streaming again on a platform that wouldn’t delete the video after 24 hours. I should have put it in landscape mode, […]


So the other day I found the YouTube channel Sephiroth Art which has amazing time-lapses for isometric art and it’s so cool, I just have to share it! The person who paints, creates little universes, even if it’s just a single object like a treasure chest. But I especially admire the ones that are full […]


I have wanted to stream my drawing progress for a while and I have a few time lapse coloring videos on my channel. So I’ve been trying out a few things and it seems to be working with Clip Studio Paint, while Photoshop becomes really laggy very quickly. I’m still a bit shy about talking […]