The year is almost over!!


Not even another two weeks and this year is already over.
Hmm…I really wanted to draw more this year, but with the job changes and all, I ended up drawing way less than last year. I hope I can get back to drawing and just “creating” more again. I know it’s hard with a job, but I need to make time on the weekends again…

Anyway, today I updated “Embers to Stars” and I also published a brush and image set



While I do want to send out New Years cards again this year, I won’t be able to make any by myself. A digital one maybe, but considering how many printed cards I still have from last year, it’s just not worth the paper. (It was worth the money, though. Sending those cards was a lot of fun and I enjoyed how everyone enjoyed getting them. ^^)

Anyway…I made a few updates to the site, like under fan art and the gallery for “EtS”, but at the same time I think that the front page needs a make-over. Everything on there is already soon old.

Let’s see when I get around to that.