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I don’t know how many more times I can say “sorry for the infrequent updates”. Last week was over in no time and not much drawing was done. A little bit, but not much. At least I got to try a few different time-slots for streaming on Monday, but it didn’t really change much. Japan […]


This has to have been my longest hiatus from the blog ever! I didn’t even intended it to be that long at all and many things have happened, but most of them were work related so there wasn’t much I could write about. For one, overtime has been crazy since January, quite literally since the […]


I started both these pieces last year and had hoped to finish them sooner, but now that I had a few days of vacation, I was at least able to finish them. The first one: This is my New Years card for 2019. I wanted to try to draw an iteration of Elya for this, […]


I’m wishing you a happy New Year and hope you make it a good one! I don’t have any really hard-set specific goals (except for moving to a new apartment later in the year), but I do want try and get “Embers to Stars” out on a new platform, maybe Webtoon or Tapastic, but I […]