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Damn, time really flies! I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I last wrote an entry. But lots of things have happened. I visited my family in Germany, then I changed jobs and now I just finished the second week of that. Last week I wanted to really just concentrate on getting to […]


It’s done!! I just finished the last page of the first chapter of “Embers to Stars”. I can’t believe it took me that long, but I have been at least OK consistent with update. The last week was a three page update, too! I am really looking forward continuing it and I have at least […]


For the last part of the first chapter for “Embers to Stars” I decided that I wanted to release the new pages as quickly as possible. However, since I don’t have a backlog of finished pages, I just have to work on it more altogether. So far it has been working, but I am getting […]


Spring is just around the corner, and as it is with every year, March brings on a few special occasions that need celebration. For one, personally, a few major choices have been made that will impact the rest of the year a lot. More on that once stuff has been sorted out in full… On […]