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So today I nearly choked, as suddenly wasn’t working anymore and it told me there was a database error. I panicked there for a moment. Anyway, I found that I want to do streams on YouTube every Tuesday if possible and put these into small videos. I thought I’d share the one from two […]


I’ve been thinking about opening a print store and so I just registered for and added some images. Not much yet, but I do usually have trouble finding things that I think are worse uploading. HERE IS THE STORE! I also added this little one ↓↓↓↓ with two images from “Embers to Stars”: However, I’m […]


Been playing more Watch?Dogs 2 and I am mostly done I guess, which is kinda sad, because I want more missions… I guess I need to invest into the “No Compromise” DLC, too. I loved everything about the “Human Condition” DLC. Jordi’s appearance was certainly a surprise…Not the Pizza guy, huh? Anyway, I have also […]


I’ve actually been drawing quite a bit during January, but it was mostly spontaneous illustration and unfortunately not any pages of Embers to Stars…which is really sad, but I enjoy this right now. I’ve drawn Dawn, though. ^^) I know, this has been in the gallery for a while, but I thought I should mention it. […]