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I actually managed to update a page last week on Friday, which will always be my goal, but sometimes it might just be too busy a time…also I’m still playing Horizon:Zero Dawn and I need to finish that before the DLC comes out. The week prior I didn’t manage to update, since I was drawing […]


I only meant to take a break from “Embers to Stars” for about two months, but it’s gotten a bit more than that. I have worked to make the existing pages better and I just need to resize and upload them. Everything has been corrected…or so. The new cover is also out!! For some reason […]


Last week I spend a lot of time on drawing Elya, Fraie and Dawn, just because I wanted to and I just wanted to put them in some sexy clothes. So I did. I want to make individual card-like images with these pictures, put some flowers in the background and stuff, but I’m not good […]


I’ve been doing a lot of research on digital art recently and I noticed that Ambient Occlusion is quite popular right now. I’ve had only heard the term wit connection to 3D modelling, but not much with regard to digital paintings. Yet, the premise seemed very fascinating to me and I wanted to try it […]