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Yesterday I was finally able to ad a new page to “Embers to Stars” and with that, I also introduced my new character Dawn Ya-Laeh. I created her very early this year and finally she made an appearance. She is very important to the story and I am looking forward to developing her character and […]


Hey hey! I uploaded three pages in one week! Yay! Since I just got involved with a new project for the next week and a half, I might not be able to upload again, until after I am done with that. I’ll try upload a bit of my drawing process in the blog in the […]


I feel like I can’t really get the best out of “my style” for the past few days, which makes creating the new page for Embers to Stars a little complicated. However, I drew it anyway and i hope to upload it tomorrow (maybe tonight…haha). Meanwhile I completely failed at drawing anything more than this […]


I’m in a bit of a slump right now, which is why I haven’t been drawing much these days. As for Embers to Stars, I am still thinking on how to start the next chapter, because my original idea might be a bit confusing. It’s going to be the first part for Fraie to appear, […]